Weekly Photo Challenge – forward

Always reaching; always moving forward.

Always reaching; always moving forward.

Raising a child is the ultimate act of moving forward. There is no way back, no return. And though all the sleepless nights (in their babyhood and teens),  the tears (theirs and your own), the arguments, lost homework, forgotten sports kit and left-behind cuddly toys, trips to the emergency doctor, mind-numbing nursery rhymes … well, you know all this. Through it all, your child moves forward – at a pace that never seems quite right – whatever it is. And you move with them.

“Forward” is a word that fits my son perfectly, and this photo is kind of symbolic of him. From birth he’s always wanted the thing that was just a little out of his reach. As soon as he could crawl he wanted to walk; walking was only a stepping stone to running. Every skill he has mastered has increased his desire to do more; better. He treats every day as a chance to move forward, and he amazes and inspires me with his capacity to master the new and look for more.

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